Bob’s Project – Upcycled Football Cacti Pots

In our village, every second Thursday, it’s bin collection day and as the rest of us trundle out our large grey wheelie bins for collection, a man by the name of Bob, brings out a solitary tied plastic bag and places it by the road. Bob, in my eyes, is the king of recycling/upcycling. I aspire to Bob’s single bag of rubbish, even to four bags, one for each member of our household, and as a tribute to him, some of our upcycling posts are tagged as ‘Bob’s Project’.

So from now on, every piece of (un foodie) rubbish is assessed as to Bob’s Project potential, and this post is the first adventure in that. Boys + Dogs =¬† many punctured footballs lying around the garden.

This tutorial shows how we’ve turned them into funky cacti plant holders. Too simple to be a tutorial really, it’s just an idea.¬† You could choose another plant but the strong structural shapes of cacti work well with the footballs, and in my experience, boys seem to like and be able to look after cacti more than other plants.

Firstly, gather up your dog mauled flat old footballs, and having checked they can’t be blown up and that no one else wants them,¬† give them a good scrub.

Assess any damage and which aspect you would like to be showing, and then mark out a cutting circle to slightly larger than your cacti plant pot, at the top of the ball.

Using strong scissors or a Stanley knife carefully  puncture the ball and cut around the circle. Remove any inner debris.

Insert plant pot into football , and assess height, adjust with a small stand, such as wooden blocks to make sure the rim of the pot sits level with rim of new plant holder.

These upcycled football plant holders look great in groups, and the brighter the football colours, the more of a focal point they are.

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