CoolCrafting Doggy Doorstops

In our week of blogs featuring the products we are making, today we are having a Doggy Doorstop moment. This was probably one of the first products we developed when CoolCrafting was born. We recognised the doorstop was going to be a big trend for the season, plus we have too many years of experience (having being involved in buying the successful Radley brand for stores) of how much customers love animals in the UK.

It took me two prototypes to get the pattern right, which wasn’t bad from scratch. Since then our dog has been in many different fabrics as featured below, each with its own name.

Disco Dog

Mad Dog

Scott Dog

Mac Dog

We never make more than 5 dogs of any fabric, sometimes there is only enough for one. It is interesting how many men love them too.

Our latest doggy doorstops are available at £20 each. Our dogs are available to buy direct from us with a rather hefty postage charge due to their weighted bottoms. A selection of these lovely wooftie woofs are also available from Tea Room Boutique at Backridge Farm.

Under Dog

Hound Dog

Fancy making one of these yourself? We have at least one doggy doorstop class running a month – check our classes and events tab here. You go home with a completed dog in a fabric of your choice, and you have the pattern for non commercial use too.

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