Heartwarming Crafting

When we take our bitesize workshops to fairs and events, many of our attendees are children, and it is always lovely to see what they make and how they want to add their own design input to the project.

Last weekend we were at the Burton Craft Market, in Burton in Kendal, and we had a number of children making cute little fabric owls. The kids get to choose their own fabric, cut out the shapes from our own pattern and then sew the pieces together. What always amazes me is how careful and precise little girls are with their hand sewing.

Edie came along to make an owl because her mum was running a stall at the fair. She must have spent an hour or two stitching the owl, and even though she had spent so long sewing, she really wanted her owl to have wings. And it did, a unique winged owl by Edie.

Edie’s mum, Sue, sent me a lovely email today saying that Edie had taught her how to make the owl using the pattern she took home and that they are going to make some owls together to sell at Christmas for Animal Concern. This has to be a perfect example of why we are doing what we are doing – that someone has learnt something that they actually want to pass on and do themselves.

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