Knitting for Luna Lapin

Its been a lovely week seeing how much our customers have enjoyed knitting Luna Lapin’s new ballet wrap cardigan and slippers. I am sure that there will be many more beautiful pictures of Fiona’s knitting pattern to come on the Luna Lapin’s Little World!

For those of you who have enjoyed knitting the cardigan, or who fancy an evening, or short half day, knit for Luna Lapin or one of her friend’s Fiona has also prepared some kits for her lovely Ombre Snood with velvet trim. Made in matching colours and 100% wool yarn. I decided to take one home for the weekend and give it a try.

I don’t yet have a Luna Lapin sewn, so my knitted snood is being worn by Reynard… who also could do with some clothes sewn for him, but we can’t do everything all at once!

The snood proved a fun little project to knit….I hope that others of you will try it and let us know which of Luna Lapin’s friends choose to wear it…….

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