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Luna is a fashionista. She loves to sew, knit and shop.¬†There is no other word to describe her (well there are a lot- gorgeous, lovely, sweet, “aww look at that gorgeous little rabbit”, but for the sake of this blog lets say fashionistas the only one). However she is about to get some serious competition for the Best Dressed Softie Crown. Lettuce, our “next-top-model” fierce doll kit launches in 10 days, just in time for Festival Of Quilts and we have been searching for¬†inspiration¬†to create the most stitchable stylish¬†outfits.

This week we have become a little obsessed with Free People. Not only do they have gorgeous, eco friendly ethical clothing (that is a little above our price range right now), but Free People stocks beautiful amazing quality Vegan leather goods, amazing home ware and jewellery to make you swoon.

Lettuce (or me) would look gorgeous Victorian inspired Full Length Lace Dress

FP white lace dress

or this Great Expectations Skirt

fp great exectations

Or more up to date and stylish in something  inspired by this amazing printed two piece set.

fp twin set

Or either of these Gypsy Inspired embroidered  pieces.

Free People Gypsy Dress

fp biker

Shoes that make you wish it was autumn already.

fp boots

The also stock the most gorgeous imaginable pet wear and accessories.

Any of you that follow our Facebook page will already have seen a photograph of our so far nameless Kitten, in a few weeks time there will be a new little face to tangle your wool and sit on your fabric in class at Hincaster House. We are so excited!


It does however turn out to be quite the challenge to find lovely things for your pets, I hate the look of our old dog bed hanging around in the corner, and though there are nice ones out there I guess we are after something a little special and unique.

But Free People has its Pet Project that comes to answer my woes.

These animal feeding bowls come at a hefty price, but would be a nice thing to look at in our kitchen.

Paloma feeding bowls

We also love this  leather tooled feather collar, perfect for the fashionable bird chasing Pup.

FP Feather Collor

As leads go this might be the best of all fashion leads.

 fp dog lead

The Free People Pet Project donates a percentage of its sale profits to Paws a US charity that helps re-home dogs and specialises in saving unwanted animals from kill shelters. All the pet models in the photos are Rescues that at the time where looking for homes, thankfully they have them know.

If you can afford to splash out on your pets this would be the place to do it.

We however might have to try some crafty DIY versions. Some one pass me the Food Safe Paint.


If anyone has any seriously good pet accessory suggestions or cat names let us know.

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