Luna Loves… Macarons

Luna Loves Macarons

I’m not sure what it is about these sweet little cakes that I love so much. If it is their pretty colours, that they are so dainty, or if my love of Macarons is just part of a lifelong and incredibly grand Parisian dream.

Cake Stand

These Macaron’s are made by Alan Strong of Macaron Marquee, a local Artisan that we know from Kirbky Lonsdale Market (which is lovely and every Thursday in case you are ever in the area). Though a local man, Alan spent time in France training in the art of fine Patisserie before returning to the Lake District and sharing with us his lovely little treats. Alan is also a regular at Kendal Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays), has an online shop and caters for weddings.


We decide on Elderflower, Rose Water and White Chocolate and Hazelnut, though in retrospect are regretting missing out on Salted Caramel.

These Macaron’s almost look too pretty to eat…. almost but not quite. Though they were all wonderful, fluffy and dreamy, with just enough crunch. It was the Rose that we found ourselves mentioning hours after.

 We did however managed to fill the little cake shaped holes in our hearts with ribbons and loveliness

 Great British Baker

These “Great British Baker” ribbons are not only the same colour as our Macarons, but they inspire use to try our hand at a few more (I have tried a couple of times and it was a disaster).

ElderflowerPompom Trim practically is the Macaron of the trimming world; playful, charming and a little bit impractical. This Pompom in Mint is a perfect match to our Elderflower Macaron and has none of the calories – we do, however, suggest that you have your cake   and eat it.

Rose Water

      My mouth is watering thinking about this beauty. Like this organza ribbon, the Rose flavour was delicate and soft and perfectly pink.

Does anyone else almost brood over really wonderful food being finished?

White Chocolate and Hazelnut

White Chocolate and Hazelnut with Mini Pompom in white. These were the Men (and Alfie’s) favourites. We would love to be able to tell you what they tasted like but we didn’t get a chance!

And if that wasn’t enough we are also in love with these wonderful fabrics


This Patisserie print in Fawn


And this gorgeous cotton poplin in an Alice Blue Macaron Print

Luna Loves!

Luna Loves!

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  1. christine morris says:

    Happy 3rd birthday, I am a fairly new member. My neighbour gave me a copy of crafts beautiful in may this year and I fell in love with your Luna rabbit. I made one exactly the same to give to my 33 year old daughter, who loves her to bits. I have made one for myself since. I love your site and all your news, you have been most helpful when I have made contact. Hope to see you at yarndale in September. Keep up the good work you are truly an inspiration
    Christine Morris Todmorden.

    • Sarah says:

      We are glad you all loved Luna, we love her too!
      Looking forward to seeing you at yarndale, its one of the best things about this job meeting those who love Luna as much as we do here.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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