Natural Soap Book Review

Natural Soap by Melinda Coss, focuses on using natural ingredients in soap making, and the soaps within the book could not look more beautiful. Whether you are looking for an introduction to the art of soap making, or are experienced, this book and it’s wonderful recipes will have you ordering Sodium Hydroxide faster than you can say it.

Soap making is thought of as being technically difficult and a little on the dangerous side of crafting. However, with Melinda’s wealth of experience, she has perfected a cold process method which simplifies soap making. The book majors on this method and the techniques section is comprehensive and understandable.

The beginning of the book focuses on the required ingredients, and the method of making soap, and yes, there is a lot of information, but it’s necessary stuff. Diving into the actual recipes themselves should be enough to persuade you that getting through the technical sections will be worth it.¬†There is no denying that the ingredients will have to be specifically sourced, but there is a thorough section at the back of the book for sources especially those in the UK.

The photographs and styling are stunning, seductive to the potential soap maker. Each recipe, and there are over 40, has suggestions for variations and packaging. Here at CoolCrafting, we like that.

I didn’t expect there to be other product types included in the book, but along with traditional Bar soaps and Liquid soaps, there is a great section on Creams, Balms, Whips & Melts.

On my soap making list are Fig & Honey, Laurus Nobilis, and Bollywood. The heavy creams such as Sleeping Beauty sound like the perfect antidote to the oncoming Northern winter, and I love the idea of Flower Milk. With a little forward planning I could be growing some of the ingredients for my very own soaps and creams from my very own garden – could it be more satisfying!

I particularly like the fact there is an emphasis on building a business around your soap making. Many crafters enjoy their hobbies so much, they would love to make a living out of it. Melinda has some great advise, some of it tough love, about starting up, and more helpful information if you decide it could be for you.

In summary, this is a seductive book, which gives enough information for the beginner (that would be me, then) to start soap making, and enough inspiration for the experienced soap maker to take their hobby to a business level. Natural Soap by Melinda Coss is published by New Holland Publishers and is available to buy here as well as at other bookstores.

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  1. christine morris says:

    Happy 3rd birthday, I am a fairly new member. My neighbour gave me a copy of crafts beautiful in may this year and I fell in love with your Luna rabbit. I made one exactly the same to give to my 33 year old daughter, who loves her to bits. I have made one for myself since. I love your site and all your news, you have been most helpful when I have made contact. Hope to see you at yarndale in September. Keep up the good work you are truly an inspiration
    Christine Morris Todmorden.

    • Sarah says:

      We are glad you all loved Luna, we love her too!
      Looking forward to seeing you at yarndale, its one of the best things about this job meeting those who love Luna as much as we do here.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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