Origami Fabric Butterfly Tutorial

We have just arrived back from showing at Country Living’s Spring Fair in London, where on alternate days Sarah was running workshops showing how to make these pretty and easy origami butterflies.

This video is not perfect – we suggest you mute the sound so you can’t hear the dog snuffling around in the background – and if you can work out how to view the video in landscape that will also be better!

So firstly the ingredients

Two light weight contrasting but complimentary fabrics such as Liberty Tana Lawn cut to 16 x 12cm rectangle

Double sided fuse – a – web cut to 16cm x 12cm rectangle


Needle and tonal sewing thread

Small button

How to

To make the double sided fabric for the butterfly follow the manufacturers instructions to apply the fuse-a-web to the wrong side of one fabric and then the wrong side of the other with an iron.

Choose which fabric you would like to be the predominant pattern on your butterfly and place in front of you face down with a short edge close to your body.

Follow our video, stopping as you need to. Folded Fabric Butterflies

These are really quick and easy to make – you could vary the sizes, keeping the ratio of 3:4 for the rectangle

Use for a string of bunting, add a brooch pin to pin to a cushion, or add to a headband.

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