Paint Swatches

We’ve all been there, you are in the DIY store and faced with choosing a new paint colour – and a greed comes over you because they all look so tempting, a myriad of new possibilities. So, you…. well certainly I, come home with far more of the little cards than I will ever use colours from. A shame to recycle them, we have rounded up some of the projetcs and tutorials on the internet for putting them to good use.

How about Orange have this clear tutorial for how to make little boxes out of paint chips, perfect for storing stationery such as paper clips and rubber bands.

They also have great How To for Fridge magnet Pantone Chips that could easily be created with paint chips.

This gorgeous garland from Grace and Light will have you picking up handfuls

Pink And Green Mama shared this simple but brilliant idea for preschoolers.

Bella Carta printed gift tags can be easily recreated. The existing printed colour names give the project a little more edge.

There is a point where a paint chip project turns from using up to willfully acquiring the paint chips. Maybe this is that point. The Violet Hours featured this bike with colourful wheel trims from Design Crush.

Design Sponge are a constant source of inspiration and this idea from one of their readers Scott Prendergast of a state of emergency is a perfect example of using multiples of the same object to make a design statement.

At the point when you are visiting your DIY store DAILY for another handful, it might be time to speak to the staff. Apparently, it is possible to speak to your local DIY store nicely and they can order you some paint chips in for a charge. Maybe this isn’t the point though…







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