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Dated 28.06.18

Okay, I’ve been writing this post in my head for the last few months and over that time my decisions and the end result have changed fairly dramatically.
As you probably know Luna is a big thing- she and her friends have a lot of potential- but I struggle to maximise her as I am so time poor. There is also a massive project that I have wanted to do for ages #waitandsee

So I’ve had to look at what to change.

The website is very strong, the shows are fantastic, and the shops are average – despite having a wonderful team of girls (it’s a rent and rates thing) .
So I have decided to close Skipton (breaks my heart a bit as I love the town and the shop)
Kirkby Lonsdale shop isn’t big enough to be a proper base, so we decided to look for something that would allow me to have my home back. So Kirkby Lonsdale is also closing.

Ready for some good news?

We have signed a lease this morning on the oldest shop in Kendal. Built in 1564, the Henry Roberts Bookshop, is about to become a haven of creativity (bigger than Kirkby and Skipton together, with a bigger workshop space, rooms to assemble kits and process orders)
Before we start telling you about it, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited us in both existing shops. Kirkby will close as soon as we are ready to open Kendal – maybe beginning August. Skipton will close at the beginning of October. I will make sure the shops remain vibrant, inspiration places to visit until ‘the end’ .
My wonderful Kirkby staff will transfer to Kendal, unfortunately my amazing Skipton girls won’t be able too, but if we ever find the right spot again we will be back.
I hope you understand this difficult decision- I would like to state the business is strong, (all orders for books will be fulfilled, we will continue to bring all the good things to shows, etc) it’s just for my quality of life, I need things to change, and I hope you’ll come with me on the next stage of the journey, Sarah xxx

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