5 Rather Good Projects for Buttons

We meet so many fellow hoarders at the fairs and events we attend: fabric lovers, ribbon stashers and of course, button enthusiasts. We meet people who confess to having a habit, but who just can’t resist just one more piece of fabric, or another button. So we thought it would be nice if we shared some of our simple crafty projects to help keep those stashes down.

We will be posting lots of ideas over the next few weeks but here are the first five. You can find all of the buttons you might ever need, including our mixed packs for only £2, at our online shop

Decorate an old lampshade with buttons and a glue gun

Make a patchwork checkers board and use buttons as the playing pieces

Pop a button onto a ring back

Make a vintage button brooch (we will be running this workshop at Yorkshire Best – Sunday 23rd September)

Have a button and ribbon moment on the back of an envelope

Check back for more projects soon.

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