Bob’s Project – Flower Peg Basket

When we launched the CoolCrafting website, my good friend Emma got in touch to ask if she could have a peg bag tutorial. I looked online and there are plenty of ones that involve simple stitching around, so we decided to try something different and it turned into a ‘Bob’s Project’ to bring something a little more upcycled to the table. It uses a 6 pint milk container, plus a couple of other containers depending on how crazy you want it to look. Using plastic will also mean you can safely forget to bring the basket in, and not worry when it rains ( the washing’s another story). Another advantage is a basket shape gives easy access to the pegs and will stand up on it’s own when not hanging.

You will need 1 six pint, or 3.4 litre milk container plus some others of the same plastic colour.

Glue gun
Sizzix Die Cutter for flowers, or a template for flower cutting by hand

So, here’s the how to…

Wash your empty milk containers thoroughly.

Now cut out a base, we used the guide line already in the milk container, but if yours doesn’t have one,¬† measure 12cm up from base and mark all the way around at this level.
Taking care, use scissors to cut around the line.

Cut some holes or strips out of the flat bottom to allow for drainage, but small enough for the pegs not to drop through or get caught.

See our photo to cut the handle to become the hanging component for the peg basket. We tried to round all our corners so as not to have any scratchy corners.

Now make your flowers using relatively flat parts of the milk containers using the Sizzix to create 4 flower layers per flower. We made 7 flowers in total. Make as many as you want depending on how frou-frou you want it to be. You could hand cut the shapes using the attached photo as a guide but it will be a little more time consuming.

Attach all layers together with a glue gun, and then six finished flowers should be attached, again, with the glue gun to decorate the front of the peg basket. Note we quite like there being some printing on the flowers!

Position the handle centrally and staple into place. The staples go in quiet easily.

Now use the remaining flower to cover the staples by using the glue gun, and you are done.

These plastic flowers are really pretty and I’m sure will form all sorts of projects going forward. ¬†They would look great on bunting, as a necklace, or a mobile.

As a P.S, we make another and decorated it with 3D puff paint, and the result was this – very cute!

So another Bobs Project complete – we won’t be recycling the milk containers quite so often.

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