Luna Lapin: A Year of Making – Sarah Peel’s Book 4

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The latest collection of sewing patterns from the author of the Luna Lapin sewing books, Sarah Peel. Immerse yourself once again in the whimsical world of Luna Lapin with this collection of patterns and instructions for five delightful animals.

What’s in the book

A brand new animal and two new outfits for our friends Ziggy and Hamish, plus some of your favourites from the Luna Lapins Creative Year Subscription boxes. Our fourth book is full to the brim of patterns and stories.

We can’t wait to introduce you properly to Ottoline, Hamish, Ziggy and our new friend. Luna has been stitching harder than ever, from her skating dress to a book-exclusive kilt for our favourite thespian Taurus.

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Luna Lapin is a quiet and kind rabbit with impeccable taste. In this collection, she introduces us to some of her dearest friends. This brand new collection of toy sewing patterns will resonate with sewists of all abilities, and the designs are perfect for making wonderful heirloom toys for friends and family that will be treasured forever.

Luna Lapin: A Year of Making, proudly presents five characterful animals and their delightful wardrobes: Ziggy the hedgehog, Ottoline otter, Hamish the Highland Cow, a mystery animal and, of course, Luna herself.

Author Sarah Peel recreates classic garments on a miniature scale with exquisite fabrics, including Liberty cottons, taffeta, corduroy, velvet, lace and wool tweed. All of the animals are made with wool felt and hand sewn using overstitch/whipstitch – this makes them a perfectly portable project that you can work on when you’re on the move or when relaxing in the evening. Sarah recommends machine sewing the garments and there are tips and tricks for sewing small items.

Have fun sewing each animal’s outfit whether it’s Ziggy’s military jacket and pants, Ottoline’s anorak and fisherman’s top (which is perfect for keeping her warm on her nautical expeditions), or Hamish’s kilt and thespian top. And Luna also has a fabulous outfit in this collection – she wears a beautiful blue velvet skating coat over a full-skirted dress for a magical twirl around the frozen lake.

As well as the animals and their delightful outfits there are the much-loved whimsical stories that really bring their characters to life. Immerse yourself in the timeless appeal of Luna’s Little World and discover how Luna met her friends with this collection of charming stories about the characters and their adventures.

There are step-by-step instructions and diagrams for all of the clothes and the animals, and the templates are included at full-size so you can get sewing straight away.

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  1. georgieleeves (verified owner)

    Yet another triumph of a book from Coll Crafting. The easy to follow instructions and gorgeous animals are a delight to make. I can’t wait to get started on Hamish!

  2. Esther Hardie (verified owner)

    What is not to like about this, the fourth Luna Lapin book. I have all the books and have made all the creatures. I have loved learning all the different dressmaking techniques from the books. I adore the variety of creatures and the gorgeous clothing. In fact, there is absolutely nothing negative about any of it. It has been a wonderful journey with Sarah Kenair Peel and her wonderful crew.

  3. pix121 (verified owner)

    What an absolute delight this book is, I have all 4 books and made the majority of the characters, I love making them, I need to dress them all now! This book is written beautifully just as the other 3 are, it was eagerly awaited.

  4. Maria Glover (verified owner)

    Another little slice of fantasy, fun and fabrics from the lunaverse of handmade heirloom felt friends. Plenty of beautiful images, tales to tell and outfits to make in miniature for the long winter evenings ahead as we all huddle under our wearable fleece blankets, clutching hotwater bottles.

    Easy instructions to follow and all pattern peices needed to make the animals and their ever so cute outfits are full size at the back of the book. I photocopy mine and cut them out, but tracing is also an option. Fabric kits are available from CoolCrafting or if this is not your first taste of Lunaverse, you can hunt out your own from your never decreasing stash!

    The perfect antidote to the goings on in the world right now, where right is right, everyone has good in them and everyone is smartly dressed in gorgeous outfits you would love in your own wardrobe. Pick up, do a bit, come back to it later, or lose yourself completely in a fog of felt and flowers. The end result, regardless of ability is intensely satisfying. So, what are you waiting for…choose your fabrics and get sewing!

  5. christinagardner (verified owner)

    Oh wow you have both done it again, Grace those stories and Sarah Peel those patterns and characters. Normally after the first or second book nothing improves but you have done it in book 3 and 4 as well.
    The way they are presented are superb with such great quality.
    Never disappoints

  6. Lesley Doyle (verified owner)

    The book is fantastic and animals so cute and outfits and beautiful, cool crafting is brilliant, the service they give is second to none , I have met Sarah and husband a few times at the show and they so friendly and they can’t do enough for you .

  7. Sue Lawson (verified owner)

    Another enchanting book from Cool Crafting. The coloured photographs are delightful and make you want to get to the sewing room and get started. I’ve got my orders from granddaughter No2 she wants Dora pig immediately to join her growing band of tea party guests.

  8. Wendy Luty (verified owner)

    just got back from holiday to find the 4th Luna Lapin A Year in Making. What an absolute delight. Each edition just gets better, can’t wait to tackle something new. Special thanks to Sarah for signing every copy, it really is appreciated. Thank you all at Coolcrafting, you are brilliant.

  9. gwendolinesteele (verified owner)

    Wow, what a fabulous book, I recently recieved this signed book and its the best one yet. I cant wait to get stuck in and make things my family have already said can you make this that and the other!!!, sorry kids but mum (me) comes first, thank you for the great little labels, a lovely suprise.
    With greatest regards to all concerned to the maker’s of this lovely book thank you xx.

  10. Sarah Woolmer (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait, presentation is absolutely gorgeous throughout and the stories beautiful. Another fantastic book to treasure

  11. Sharon Kelly (verified owner)

    What a wonderful book, I ordered this for my daughter’s Christmas present, I also ordered the felt for her to make Hamish over the holidays 🐮

  12. Kitty Sheppard (verified owner)

    I discovered Luna Lapin in 2019, Luna and her friends got me through lockdown, this book the Fourth in the series is a triumph, a new animal and beautiful new outfits to make, well done Coolcrafting. Xxx

  13. Mrs. E. Wragg (verified owner)

    Stunning new book, beautiful miniature clothing and absorbing stories of the lovable little characters. Easy to follow instructions for beginners and experienced makers alike. Inspirational as always.

  14. blmiddleton10

    Having bought this book a week ago, I am now halfway through making Hamish and have his outfit lined up! This book is beautiful and all the instructions are very clear. I love being inspired by all the pictures and can’t wait to give even more projects a go!

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